Providing home warranty plans for repairs and service


Providing home warranty plans for repairs and service

Your Trusted Provider of Home Warranty Policies

At First Premier Home Warranty, we offer a variety of home warranty plans all at competitive prices. No matter the size of your property, you can rely on us for protecting your household appliances and systems with excellent and reliable coverage.

Work With a Team of Reliable Home Warranty Professionals

We, at First Premier, have been involved in the Appliance/Hvac industry for over 30 years. We have seen FIRST HAND how the quality of appliances manufactured over the years are simply not “built to last”. For various reasons, appliances simply do not endure years of reliable performance as years past. Gone are the days of the “bored”  appliance repairman, who because of no appliance repair jobs, has nothing to do.

The Hvac/Appliance repair industry has seen a huge spike in repairs over the years, and strong indications are the demand for home repairs will continue to rise in the coming years. Furthermore, studies have shown that most homeowners in the United States would not be able to afford and pay for home repairs over $1000. With these known facts, Home Warranties are more important than ever, and we aim to be the only Home Warranty company you’ll ever need.

Our Mission

Founding our business principles in 1989, our company strives to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality services while upholding the value of integrity.

Why Choose Us

When you work with us, you can trust that your home warranty is in good hands. Our team will always prioritize your customer experience by addressing all of your concerns.

Areas We Serve

Our policies are available to clients throughout the United States of America.

Connect With Our Team

Get in touch with us today for additional information about the various home warranty plans we offer. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

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Expert Technicians

To ensure that you get outstanding service, our team works with a network of the best technicians in the country. We have a rigorous screening process to find home service professionals that meet our standards of quality.

What Makes Us Different

Our team understands how hard you worked to own your property, which is why we aim to keep it in the best condition. Through our home warranty plans, you no longer have to worry about spending too much time and money on repairs and replacements because we offer coverage for your appliances and home systems at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the difference between Homeowners insurance and a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a service contract between a homeowner and a home warranty company. The contract covers repair and replacement costs on major home systems and appliances in the event of breakdowns associated with normal wear and tear.

A HOME INSURANCE POLICY is designed to cover accidental damage to your property and possessions, as a result of theft, fire, natural disasters, etc. The four main areas of coverage are interior, exterior, personal property, and general liability, but homeowners insurance does not cover issues related to natural wear and tear. That means that if one of your essential home systems or appliances simply stops working, then your policy probably isn’t going to cover it.

Unlike homeowners insurance, a home warranty is not mandatory when purchasing a home. The main purpose of a home warranty is to offer coverage for the items that homeowners insurance overlooks — key items, appliances, and home systems that inevitably end up needing to be repaired or replaced over time. This is not limited to new items; which items or systems are covered depends upon the specific warranty plan.

Why Buy a Home Warranty?

If your home's appliances or systems break, you may end up paying top dollar to repair them or replace them. An HVAC costs several hundred dollars to repair (if you're lucky), and several thousands if you need to replace it. A sudden, unexpected, expense which may cause a serious dent in your budget.

A home warranty is supposed to address such situations. For an annual premium of $500 on average, in additional to deductible cost per service, you get free repairs, and item replacements - if necessary - up to a certain dollar figure limit.

Are Home Warranties Worth It?

The main reason people get a home warranty is that they hope it will help them cover the cost of home maintenance. Whether appliances or pools, what everyone is essentially looking for is whether their home warranty of choice covers what they need at a adequate price. However, not many people realize how much it costs to maintain their house now, and how much it will cost them to do so in the future, as compared to the cost of a home warranty and its benefits.

What do home warranties cover and how do they intend to save money?

Home warranties are in essence a service contract which provides a commitment to repair certain appliances and systems if they malfunction. In exchange for that commitment, you are paying a set amount of money every year (named “premium”). Additional cost to the annual premium would be a service-fee for each time you call in a repair person. The Homeowner’s budget will be far more stable without unexpected expenses. Unexpected cost of repairs can add up very quickly and replacing an expensive home system can have a significant impact on your monthly budget.

Is a home warranty worth it for me as a home seller or real estate agent?

One specific scenario in which home warranties are almost always worth it is when you are selling a house (for yourself or for someone). Home buyers tend to appreciate homes that come with a home warranty. It’s a nice freebie and it makes them feel like it can potentially mitigate their expenses coming to a new home. The SCIC even published that homes that come with a home warranty sell faster on the market. Considering the average cost of approximately $500 for a home warranty plan for a year ahead, it sure does sound like a worthwhile deal.