Top Reasons Why a Home Warranty is Worth it

Now that you have closed on your new home, you may be wondering if investing in a home warranty is worth it. You may be wondering what the benefits of purchasing a home warranty are, and if you really need one. On top of this, with so many different home warranty plans available on the market, how could you even begin to find the right one for you? First Premier knows how confusing and stressful this can seem. That is why First Premier has put together a list of reasons why a home warranty is worth having!

  1. When the Home was Owned Prior to You

It can be beneficial to purchase a home warranty when the home you just bought was a previously owned home. That’s because you may already be aware that the appliances are older and you want warranty coverage for them should they fail. Buying a previously owned home does not provide you the same level of security that a brand-new home will give you, as the appliances are often already worn and aged. A good home warranty plan will guarantee that your covered appliances and home systems are protected.

  1. If You are Looking for Security

One of the huge benefits of purchasing a home warranty is that you will gain a sense of security. You may be nervous about your appliances giving out over time, such as your heating system or your air-conditioning system, and a home warranty can significantly ease these anxieties. For example, your appliances may be on the older side when you bought the house and while they are in good enough shape as of now, it still makes you a little nervous. Or, perhaps you have struggled to find a good repairman at a decent price in your new neighborhood. Whatever the reason may be, a home warranty protection plan can give you the comfort of knowing that if your appliances ever malfunction, First Premier will always prioritize your customer experience by addressing all of your concerns in a timely and professional manner.

  1. This is Your First Home Buying Experience

If this is your first time buying a home, purchasing a home warranty might be a great option for you. This is because when it is your first time buying a new home, you are still learning about all the many responsibilities owning a home comes with. Having a home warranty plan in place takes some of these responsibilities off of your shoulders because instead of having to worry about how to find the best repairman, First Premier will connect you with their expert technicians who have already been vetted, and meet our rigorous screening protocols. 

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