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When looking to purchase a home warranty for your Georgia home, you may find yourself overwhelmed with warranty options. With so many companies, plans, and add-ons to consider, it can be hard to even begin deciding what plan would be right for you and your Georgia home. That is why First Premier Home Warranty has put together a list of home systems and appliances we think you should consider including in your home warranty, and at the end we will explain why First Premier is the best option for you.

Pool/Spa Coverage

With temperatures in Georgia occasionally reaching all the way up to the 100s, there is no denying that Georgia can get uncomfortably hot. When living in this level of heat, it’s common for many residents to own a swimming pool or even a spa. Your swimming pool can give you a small reprieve from the intense Georgia summer heat, and for that reason you will want to make sure that your pool is properly protected. Making sure that your pool/spa is included in your home warranty plan can be beneficial because it guarantees that you will never have to go without this luxury during those hot summer months in Georgia.

Ceiling and Exhaust Fans Coverage

Given the intense heat that Georgia can deliver, efficiently working ceiling and exhaust fans can be incredibly important. It is likely that using your ceiling fan is a part of your everyday routine to combat the hot temperatures in Georgia. If your ceiling and exhaust fans were to give out over time, this could become an expensive problem. However, with a home warranty, you can relax knowing that even if your fans do give out, they will be quickly and easily replaced by First Premier’s carefully screened, expert technicians.

Ductwork Coverage

Ductwork can often be overlooked by homeowners. However, the importance of properly maintained ductwork, especially in the Georgia heat, should not take a back seat to your other home appliances. Ductwork is what makes sure there is sufficient air flow throughout your house and can help regulate the temperature. If your ductwork were to become corroded or leaky, or clogged with dust and mold, it can result in poor air circulation throughout your home in addition to being a health and fire hazard. It is always recommended to have a service professional check your ductwork once a year. 

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It is a wise investment to find a comprehensive warranty plan that will protect the appliances and home systems in your Georgia home. But, it can be a bit time consuming to find the right warranty plan and the right price to fit your budget. First Premier Home Warranty understands how frustrating the process can be which is why we are committed to making sure you end up with a customized home warranty plan that fits all your needs. With First Premier Home Warranty, you can receive a free online quote and get your Georgia home, and your wallet, protected today! Check out our website for more home warranty information!

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