Real Estate Professionals Are Offering a Home Warranty to All Buyers and Sellers and It’s Paying Off!

They love the location. The extra bedroom will come in handy. They’re already thinking about what color to paint the nursery and where to put the swing set in the backyard. But do they have the warranty?

If you’re a real estate professional, you know how important it is to meet the needs of each buyer and seller. Matching the right homebuyer to the right listing is takes know-how, and finding a qualified buyer for a newly-listed home can take a little luck and good timing, but it’s about getting people what they want AND what they need. And when they want the house, it’s great news. But – whether it’s city-dwellers moving to the suburbs, empty-nesters downsizing to a condo, or a couple buying a home together for the first time – home repairs will be a consideration for everyone who owns a home, sooner or later.

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That’s why real estate professionals are anticipating the needs of buyers and sellers by offering home warranties for the properties they handle. For any real estate professional who wants to see more closings, or anyone who wants to buy or sell a house this year, a home warranty is a good thing to add on to each listing, because:

A top home warranty covers most everything from plumbing to electrical, heating to cooling, and all major home appliances. Some people redo the whole kitchen before selling, some don’t. Some people replace old plumbing, others hope that little leak goes unnoticed. And these days, even brand-new appliances are on borrowed time. That’s why a home warranty is so desirable – when something goes wrong with the washer or dryer, refrigerator or freezer, stovetop or oven, the bathroom upstairs or the water heater downstairs, it’s covered with a comprehensive home warranty.

A good home warranty saves money and is a proactive way to budget for any major appliance repairs. An unexpected home repair can really put a dent in a homeowner’s funds. But an appliance and home system warranty equals peace of mind and responsible budgeting. A one-year warranty will likely cost less than just one month’s mortgage payment. And it will really pay off in the long run. Instead of calling around to see who’s open or to check for prices when an appliance does break, or heading out to the store to buy a new one, a call to the warranty company will have the problem solved and will only require a deductible payment and a service fee. Affordable home warranty plans just make sense for anyone buying or selling a home.

A home warranty makes life easier for home buyers, home sellers, and busy real estate professionals. Is a home warranty an important feature of a home listing? Is it something you should be offering your prospective home buyers? It is! Get the best home warranties for real estate professionals from First Premier Home Warranty. At First Premier Home Warranty, we offer comprehensive home warranty plans. Our friendly home warranty team and our network of professional home repair technicians provide outstanding service to our clients across the United States. Work with us to get your home buyers and sellers the home warranties they need.