Do Home Warranties Cover Old Homes?

So, you just bought an older home? Congratulations! Purchasing a home can be exciting but also an anxious and time-consuming process, and first Premier knows this. We also acknowledge that the stress does not disappear once you have signed the papers and closed on your older home.

Purchasing an older home presents you with its own unique charm and challenges that can be quite different from the experiences that come with buying a newer home. Often, when you purchase an older home, the appliances within the home can be older as well. This can be a cause for concern for homeowners because although they may be working well now, you just never know how they will wear with time and use. You may be wondering if there is anything you can do to cover your appliances and home systems, or if there are available home warranty plans for older homes.

First Premier Home Warranty understands how stressful this can be and is here to bring you some good news! First Premier offers affordable home warranties not just for newer homes, but for older homes as well. This does not just include pre-owned homes, either. You can also purchase a home warranty for your house regardless of how long you have already lived in it. You may have moved in five years ago or last month. Either way, your home warranty can apply to almost any scenario! There is no age limit on your ability to obtain a home warranty plan for your house. If your house is a year old or twenty, First Premier has a home warranty plan that will keep your covered home appliances and home systems working efficiently.

Below, First Premier highlights what you will want to consider when thinking about purchasing a home warranty.

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What to Consider When Getting a Home Warranty for Your Old Home

When thinking about purchasing a home warranty for an older home, you will want to consider the condition of the appliances and systems you are looking to cover. While older appliances are not a problem, they need to still be in working condition in order to be covered. If they are already operating poorly, it will be less likely that any home warranty will cover that particular appliance. Therefore, you will want to get a quote on your appliances and see which appliances and home systems will qualify for warranty coverage. Fortunately, with First Premier you can get a free quote!

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Once it has been determined that your older home can be covered with a home warranty, you may be full of questions about how much it will cost, what it will cover, and more. With First Premier Home Warranty, you can customize your home warranty plan to best suit your needs at a price that is affordable for you. Whether you are looking to protect your swimming pool, water heater, dishwasher, or refrigerator, First Premier has you covered. If you contact us, we can give you a free quote on what your home warranty plan with First Premier will look like. Visit our website today to learn more!