Best Home Warranty in South Carolina

South Carolina is a wonderful state to call home. With miles of surf and sun along the coast, an energizing bustle of city life, and charming neighborhoods perfect for raising a family, there’s something for everyone. And with some of the lowest property taxes in the country and tax deductions for seniors, South Carolina is an affordable place to retire.

Nearly 70 percent of South Carolinians own their own home. While many homeowners might think insurance is all they need to protect their property, homeowner’s insurance defends against disasters, accidents, and little else. For your home’s basic systems, like plumbing and electrical, as well as your appliances, a home warranty can help save you a bundle.

A Home Warranty for Your South Carolina Home

Shopping for a home warranty can be overwhelming. There are countless companies and offers to choose from. But coverage for your South Carolina home should cover the unique needs you have as a South Carolinian.

In addition to a home’s critical systems and standard appliances, here are some other areas a South Carolina home warranty should cover:

Heating and Cooling: South Carolina’s humid, subtropical climate means that its summers are long and hot. The last thing you want in the middle of a scorching hot summer is to have your cooling system break down.

But it isn’t all high temps and humidity. A home warranty in South Carolina should cover cooling and heating systems, as it can get quite cold in the winter. Some areas, particularly in the mountains, even get snow.

Pools and Spas: With South Carolina’s heat and humidity, pools are a common way for folks to keep cool. But pools and spas are expensive to maintain, and when a repair is needed, time is of the essence.

A pool can only go a short time without a pump. If it breaks, there is no way to filter or sanitize the water to keep it clean. In addition to the pool’s pump, a South Carolina home warranty can cover the repair or replacement of all plumbing and electrical components for pools and spas.

Leaky Roofs: Another byproduct of South Carolina’s coastal setting is hurricane season, which starts June 1 and ends on November 30. Homes in areas with a lot of rain, high winds, and storms are more susceptible to increased damage.

First Premier Home Warranty offers customizable add-ons to their home warranty plans, including coverage for limited roof leaks. A new roof can cost several thousand dollars. If your home has a leak or two, you don’t need to replace the whole thing. Your home warranty coverage can take care of the leak and extend the life of your roof.

Get a Home Warranty in South Carolina

First Premier Home Warranty has been providing home warranty coverage nationwide for over 30 years. If something happens to your home’s HVAC system or your refrigerator isn’t keeping things as cold as usual, you want to know that the problem will be taken care of promptly and with minimal disruption to your house and routine.

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