Affordable Home Warranty Plans for Seniors

According to a Federal Reserve survey [PDF], 40% of Americans didn’t have $400 saved for an emergency last year. For many seniors, a large, unexpected expense now, could have dire consequences later. As we head into the winter season, safeguard your retirement fund from unexpected and costly home disasters with a home warranty.

Save Money with a Home Warranty

A home warranty covers the service, repair, or replacement of your home’s major systems and appliances. Murphy’s Law states that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” In the middle of winter, that can mean anything from a busted furnace to an especially persistent drain clog. If you are a senior or caring for an older loved one, a home warranty can help save on expensive home systems and appliance repairs.

After a lifetime of hard work, your retirement is your time to relax and enjoy. Pick up a new (or old) hobby, pass down cherished family traditions to your kids and watch your grandkids grow up, finally join that book club. What you should not be spending your precious time doing is trying to keep up with the labor and cost of home repairs.

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When an appliance is on the fritz, a replacement can cost several hundred dollars, sometimes more. On a limited or fixed income, the cost of repairs or replacement of faulty appliances or home systems can be out of reach for many senior citizens. A home warranty for seniors is an affordable investment that can help make the cost of home repairs more manageable.

Home Warranty Plans for Seniors: What to Look For

  • To choose the best home warranty plan for seniors, look to one that keeps it simple. Too many options to choose from can be overwhelming. A home warranty company should make it easy for you to understand what you can expect from them, so look for one that is straightforward and transparent.
  • Pay for what you need. There may have been a time where you would have required coverage for multiple heating systems or a second refrigerator. But chances are you won’t need that kind of protection now, so why would you pay for it? The right home warranty company will offer comprehensive coverage with customization options.
  • When something breaks, you want a technician to come out quickly. You also want to know that you can trust the person you are letting into your home. A reputable home warranty company will have a network of highly-vetted expert technicians that can get to work promptly. A rigorous screening process ensures the quality of service as well as trusted customer safety.
  • A job well done is what anyone expects when having something in their home serviced or repaired. A great home warranty company sets themselves apart by guaranteeing their work. Look for a company with an easy-to-find service guarantee on parts and labor.

Get a Free Quote on Home Warranty Plans for Seniors

The right home warranty company will make it simple to protect your home’s major systems and appliances. If you are a senior looking for reliable home warranty coverage or are looking to secure coverage for a loved one, get a free home warranty quote today.

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